Later Class Times and Academic Performance ENGL 101 Visual Pitch: Emily Estrela

Students who are sleep deprived can fall behind on homework and assignments as they spend their time taking naps instead of working.
During class, the students who are overly tired can likely fall asleep. When students do not pay attention to what is being taught, they are missing out on important learning material and instruction.

Students who are overly tired and fall asleep during class may be punished and sent to the office. The increased time spent in the office is a decrease in the time spent learning in the classroom.

Students generally have a very busy schedule with a heavy work load. Sleep depravation may cause a student to neglect his or her studies.
Students who have generally very busy schedules often go to bed later than usual because they may need more time to finish their assignments. This may cause students to get less sleep than the amount they need.
Early mornings are especially difficult for students who did not acquire a significant amount of sleep. Those who need more rest are unable to sleep longer and are forced to wake up tired.
Failing test grades may become increasingly high among students who are sleep deprived, because they may be unprepared for testing.

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