ADobe Dimension My Learning Journal October 2018

First Class

I am not a big fan of 3D and hardly ever made something looking 3D but this new App is amazing and will effect me a lot. Its easy to learn and is has a lot of automation that just is like magic. I hope my PC will survive the big effort, Dimension uses a lot of Ram and makes the PC working really hard. For this first class i played around with all i found on the way and i am sure there is a lot more i still didn't see. Its a little hard to get along with a mouse and i guess i will use more my graphic tablet. I love coffee so my first assignment uses the coffee bag and the coffee cup from the panel and i added a label and images to design and tried all kind of materials and colors. I am sure in future i create my own libraries for this. The label i did create in photo shop mainly because since the new update Illustrator crashes even more then it used to crash. I used the creative cloud icon to make my coffee connected to it coffee keeps me on working. I did load several graphics materials Images and colors played with opacity and in order to get the fills different size and overlapping i made a copy of the right glass and moved it down and scaled it so i got the glass effect with fill that looks like its one glass but actually its two glasses! It looked all so easy when i saw it in the classes but actually i had a hard time to figure out how to do all. Mainly how to get to the options there is so many hidden ones. And i could not figure out how to make the image wrap around all the bag when i turn it its not filling the back . is it possible to get the label on the back as well? Here is the link: https://adobe.ly/2PqUesU and this is the updated versions link https://adobe.ly/2Plz4g3 its still not perfect but better...

I updated my work and found how to wrap around all the package bag. It seems not to work with images but it worked when i used materials and simply replaced the material with my coffebean image! In the new update its possible. I just could not figure out how to save this new material to the librairy. I still have issues with the light in link version the light looks much stronger then it does in the image version.

Png of my coffee scene
updated version

Second Class

I had a lot of fun placing different backgrounds finally i took a pic a friend made in a Vienna Coffeehouse overlay it with a grounded coffee structure and adjust the size in Photoshop. It was a little hard to get the objects right i did try camera settings and shadows and wonder if there is a way to get feathered shadows. They look to hard to me and not real so i reduced the opacity that's a little better. I like the contrast between the old coffe house and the plastic cups that don t fit there at all and i tried to make them fit in colors and light. I did both classes already because i have a little more time and i really like dimension. I will adjust and add and i also want to make my own library for dimension. Here is the link https://adobe.ly/2Pmktkr

Both creations have issues when turning i don't manage to get them good looking when turning and in this one here things are falling down the table the reflections go under the table but its my first try to dimension and i will keep learning.

Fast food cups in old Vienna coffeehouse

Final Reflection

I took this course to see whats new with no special intention and i immediately love this App and it will use it a lot. It has so many hidden features and need time to get around and all that looks easy is not so easy. But like all new Adobe Apps the interface is much better and easier to learn. I like the integration from Illustrator Fuse and Photoshop and want to learn more how to use them together and how to work with layers from Photoshop. I can imagine to do real art with this and not just product design. And i want to create a library with objects and materials. Would be great to have a full course in dimension. As always another really great class ! Thanks a lot . See you in the next one. I took many courses and each one has added a lot to my workflow and using of the Apps even as not being a teacher. I can imagine one day to teach again. As a teacher you are a learner as well and learning from each other is the best way to become better and to make the world better.

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