Investigating the effects of light on plants in a field

Carbon dioxide, water and light energy (Chlorophyll) drive photosynthesis in plants which creates Glucose and Oxygen. There are many different ways the light intensity on plants can be measured.

6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2.

Light meter

A light meter is used by pointing in the direction of the maximum light intensity. The number shown on the light meter is the light intensity measurement.


A Quadrat is a squarewith several squares inside it that is placed onto a piece of land to survey the plants and greenery in the swuare grid.All of the animals as will as plants in the grid are recorded. The animals and plants can then be identified by an identification key that will provide pictures and information of the animals and plants.

The squares are positioned randomly in the field to sbtop bias results coming out of the investigation. This also allows a reliable and fair test to be seen between different locations.

Identification key-

And identification key is a printed or computer generated device which helps aid the identification of biological entitles such as plants, animals, fossils, microorganisms and pollen grains.


A transect is a straight line that runs through a location where organism distribution can be recorded. Transects make systematic samples as they are not taken randomly. These are used to show the pattern of the ecosystem. The samples are taken alone a straight line at regular intervals using Quadrats to see the changes along they line.


Created with images by quapan - "Cyano-Bakterien ('Blaualgen' oder 'blaugrüne Algen', Phytoplankton) produzieren seit 4 Milliarden Sauerstoff in den Ozeanen der Erde: Spiralförmige, telefonkabelähnliche Fäden unter dem Elektronenmikroskop."

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