Music By: David Young

  • Music calms people down
  • Music is fun to listen to
  • Music is fun to dance to
  • Music is cool to listen

Music is a way of life for a lot of people

Music brings people to life. Music can make people do things they didn't they could. Music is an inspiration to a lot of people.

Different types of music for different types of people

People dance to music because of the base that it has. Sometimes it's not even the base people just like the song in general. Some people dance the lyrics of the song because the lyrics tell you how to dance to the song.

Different music can inspire people to do dances whether they look silly or really good. Music is some people connect. People connect through music by liking the same genre or even their favorite artist from a genre.

Music can do amazing things with almost anything. Music can make water move to the bass of the song that's playing. Its pretty cool to watch if you ask me.


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