Debbie Fordyce The lives of migrant workers in Singapore

There are many people who have all of the things they could ever wish for. Food, healthcare, and especially freedom. There are many other people who will not have the same lifestyle as they do. A migrant worker perhaps. A person who has worked enough to gain nothing but pain.

In today's world, there are many people who are facing miserable times. Many of these people are lacking their freedom. A maid may be helping her employer's family but she also has to help her own too. A worker may need to look after the roads and the buildings but they also need to look after their own selves as well as their families too.

A newspaper about Debbie Fordyce's work towards migrant workers

Debbie Fordyce, an American fifty-seven years old woman, has been a member and head of an NGO at the 'TWC2'(Transient Workers Count Too) building which has been created to help out migrant workers, maids and paralysed people who have encountered several difficulties in Singapore. She has experienced some exceptional things about migrant workers and how they are managing life in Singapore. Debbie has even accepted over a hundred foreign workers into her condo unit for free. Although it seems that she has done many things to help, she has not managed to overcome the Singaporean government's help. She has been trying to convince the government in helping migrant workers to have their freedom but the government will still not allow this to happen. Now whenever the question, ' Will the government help or at least give minimum wages to the migrants?' is asked to Debbie, there will be a blank silence. A silence that leaves an audience still. She will end up saying 'No'. Debbie says that the government will not supply the migrant workers with any money and the worker may not change job. They will be treated differently to all the other people in Singapore and they will have unlimited rights due to the very effective and strict government.

The jobs that migrant workers need to do on a daily basis

Debbie Fordyce has also announced how migrant workers in Singapore are treated like and the conditions that they live in. She has said that workers have been tricked before arriving in Singapore. They are told that their salary will end up satisfying them and make them wealthy. They will be staying in nice rooms too. What they do not know is that they are going to be working for 'ship building and construction'. They won't even be getting their salaries back and when they go back to see their families again, they will feel like they have achieved nothing. When workers are sick and injured, their bosses will not even help them. They will not be brought to the doctor. Debbie was helped the injured people and brought them to doctors and to her condo unit too to keep them comfortable.

Migrant workers bedroom conditions

Overall, Debbie Fordyce would like people especially the reader to help by sharing what is happening over social media. If people can ask for support over social media, then there will be a greater chance that the Singaporean government will feel for a change.

"My life has been ruined" - A migrant worker

“They are guest workers in Singapore, I am their volunteer” - Debbie Fordyce

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