The Reaper A farming tool that changed history

Read this article to find out how a farming tool changed millions of lives

The reaper machine was invented in 1834 by Cyrus Hall McCormic

The reaper is used to cut wheat, grain, et cetera

How does the reaper work?

A straight blade linked by gears to drive a wheel. As the wheel turned, the blade moved back and forth and sawed through the stalks of grain. Projecting rods caught and held the stalks while the blade cut through them. The stalks fell onto a platform and a worker raked them onto the ground.

8-10 farmers are needed to operate a reaper, 1 to ride the horse, 1 to rack the platform, and 6-8 to bound the sheaves

The reaper encouraged a lot more farming, thus producing more surplus. Because of the sudden surplus increase, it encouraged a large population increase

Sadly, the reaper incouraged more farming, causing people to destroy natural habitats to get farming land😭😭😭

Did you know that there is a horror creature that carries a reaper with it??

Also, did you know that Caterpillar-a famous reaper manufacturing company earns around $47.011 billion?


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