Welcome to BOSS Everyone has a shadow - we’ll be in yours...

Your next level of human performance

Launching April 2017

– Greatness is the result of small things daily...
– Made by achievers for achievers...

What is BOSS, anyway?

BOSS is the culmination of peak performance, military excellence and personal mastery. It enables achievers to continually progress and perform at their very best. Good news is - the entire program was designed by the community, for the community.

Your digital solution...

NXT LVL and its community devised a digital solution which has been named BOSS Tek. Designed as a closed community system for NXT LVL members. BOSS Tek brings the Community, Clarity and Accountability at the core of the program out of the conference room and into user’s pockets.

Master the basics...

The system itself is secondary to the training NXT LVL provides. All clients of NXT LVL will be brought into and trained on the system during the initial engagement and relationship building phase. From this point on members will use the BOSS Tek system to track their goals, connect with their community, and receive support from trained Accountability Officers.

Word of caution...

NXT LVL as an community is continually growing (with the right people), if you are apart of the community:

  1. Results make the most noise - action speaks the loudest
  2. Team comes first - remember others are counting on you
  3. Self leadership - even in the face of uncertainty
  4. Growth is not optional - it’s implied.
  5. Challenge yourself - exploit your discomfort in your favour
  6. Have Fun - life is a journey, make it wicked.
Accountability - rapidly reduce the the loss of performance, time, money and energy.
Powered by HAWK (Military Excellence Applied).
Rapid Focus like you’ve never experienced.
Achieve Clarity with what you want, how you can get it, and where you stand.
Master and discover your Creative mind, which is scientifically responsible for complex problem solving and achieving success.
Crush your Inner-Critic and find calm within the chaos.
Achieve actual evidence based Self-Awareness, match your outcome with who you need to become.
Influence and leverage your own untapped Financial Flow. Literally make more money.
Physical excellence - Why? because your happiness is directly linked to your biochemistry. Not your economic, social or spiritual circumstance.
– "Anyone can join the game but it takes a team to overcome the odds" Nathaniel Hodges


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