Miguel Hidalgo y Jose Maria Morelos Blake Bill, Zach Gehman, Tim Kitchen, Javier Pioquinto, John Velasquez

Miguel Hidalgo

  • Took first steps in rebellion with pro- independence group San Miguel
  • September 16, 1810- Rang bell at Dolores to announce revolution
  • Gave speech that encouraged revolt and racial equality
  • Marched from Dolores under banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Captured Guanajuato and other major cities west of Mexico City
  • Joined by Indians and Mestizos
  • Called Father of Mexican Independence
  • Grito de Dolores is celebrated as Mexican Independence day- September 16th

Jose Maria Morelos

  • Assumed leadership of independence movement after Hidalgo was executed
  • Used guerrilla tactics
  • Held most of Mexico southwest of Mexico city 1812-1815
  • Called Congress of Chilpancingo in 1813 to from Government and draft Constitution
  • Constitution ratified in 1814
  • Royalists attacked the new congress
  • Morelos fought to the death so Government could escape

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