Canbury School Newsletter 24th May 2019. issue 161

Dear Parents and Visitors

Many thanks to all those who supported in any way the bring and buy cake sale held here last Friday for the Born too Soon charity which supports the work of the Neonatal Unit at Kingston Hospital. Your superb efforts raised £86.03, which Mrs Bowen will see wings its way to the charity. My thanks as ever to Mrs Bowen and the charity prefects who work so tirelessly for these good causes.

Talking of good causes, today we waved off a troop of (mostly) happy students, teachers, parents, dogs and one wheelchair as they set off for the annual Canbury School sponsored walk.

Once Mrs Allen's dog has stopped vomiting up grass, and Mr Orchard had done a final roll call, the walkers set off in the bright sunshine on a beautifully scenic ten mile stroll to Ham House and back. The photos below give you an idea of how lucky they were with the weather.

Tonight we will enjoy our annual Year 11 leavers do at the Kingston Lodge Hotel. It's always a lovely event and as I type I am thinking about what a special time this is for our students and their parents, as we gather to both look back and forward.

I hope everyone enjoys the forth-coming half term break. Whilst most of us will get to relax, I know the Year 11 students are focused on the GCSE prize. Do take a break, but also get that revision done. You know it will be worth it in the end.

I look forward to welcoming everyone back to school for the last five weeks of this school year (how did that happen?!) on Monday 3rd June at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for purposeful self-development in English.

Flora for her reading progress in English.

Flora for a massive improvement in her times tables. She is now three times faster than at the beginning of the year.

Anders has also made a fantastic improvement and is now twice as fast.

The one to beat though is Adam who is answering each question on average in 1.5 seconds and that includes writing it down.

All Year 7 for their excellent and enthusiastic work in history this week on Medieval village and town life. Some really knowledgeable contributions were made to the class discussion.

Zac for outstanding work in Spanish class on Thursday.

Year 8

All of Year 8 for the way they managed double Mathematics on a very hot day this week.

Year 9

Alex, Armani, Max, Seb, Harry and Aansh for excellent work on Spanish translating and vocabulary in class on Thursday.

Year 10

Ben for excellent work in Physics.

The Year 10 drama crew for doggedly getting on with what needs doing - Cate, Rosie and Matt.

Pascal for great attitude and approach in Spanish lesson.

Year 11

Mr Natt’s English group for being so focused but fun throughout the year.

The annual Canbury sponsored walk - this year in aid of the local charity Momentum, proved another glorious outing for the Canbury family. Happy sunny days. Well done everyone!
When Harry met Caitlin......

We're all used to hearing about Caitlin's amazing swimming achievements, so it's good to offer congratulations to another Canbury student who has excelled in the pool. The lovely photos above show Caitlin and fellow student Harry B, who both took part in the London Youth Games last weekend.

"Harry had a fantastic day, winning silver in the 25m individual freestyle and bronze in the boys relay," said his mum. "He was part of Team Richmond." Added Caitlin's mum: "They were brilliant supporting each other and congratulating each other after their races. It was a delight to see brilliant Canbury camaraderie."

Meet the member of staff

This week we turn the spotlight on Learning Support Assistant Ms Senanayake.

Nature lover Mrs Senanayake

That's not an English accent! Where are you from and how did you end up working in London?

I am from the East Midlands actually. However I spent some of my teen years and 20s travelling and living abroad, picking up different accents along the way. I moved to London six years ago to stay with friends from my meditation practice. I then found a job doing a home Applied Behaviour Analysis programme and since went on to work with lots of other wonderful students, eventually bringing me here to Canbury :)

Where's your happy place?

Nature walks at dusk.

Best thing you ever did as a teenager?

Moved abroad! Highly recommended.

Top recommendation for a day out in your place of birth?

Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, childhood home to Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for just nine days! I was fortunate to live within walking distance and spent many many days here (and one night!) It's a beautiful destination for hiking, picnicking and catching up on some history.

Thing you wish you had studied at school but didn't?

Public speaking. It still terrifies me.

Subject you excelled at in school?

Art and design textiles.

What is your training in?

My training is in speech and language, behaviour therapy, and relationship development intervention.

Number one way to relax?


If you could turn the clock back and go anywhere in time and location and era, where would it be to and why?

I would go back to my childhood and be nicer to my brother. I was a bit mean back then :(

Top three people for a dinner party?

My husband, his brother and our sister-in-law. We have such a laugh together!





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