One of the best projects we made was RABBITS. This was a project where we should write a hole story only with the help of images to recreate it as a comic with sound records. Here my friend Naitze and I made a story about rabbits that were in the middle of a war against the humans that live on refugees under the ground.
----------¡TOM AND JUDY IN PARADISE!----------
TOM AND JUDY IN PARADISE was the second project we made. The format was the same as RABBITS and as on RABBITS project I worked with my friend Naitze. We made a story about a couple of friends that married only with the propose of receive money of them parents and go to them honeymoon trip but they finished hating each other.
----------¡THREE SHORT FILMS!----------
THREE SHORT FILMS was a different kind of project where we should be critics and watch, as the name of the project says, 3 amazing videos, one about love, one about super powers, and the last one about drama. I loved this project because it was funny to watch each one of them and write about the feelings that the videos produced on us.
----------¡THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER!----------
THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER was a project where we should made a summary plus facts about the story that we choose. In this case I worked with my friend Naitze again and we choose this story because the teacher Brown told us this was a dramatic and psychological story. At the end we liked the story and notice that it was popular and also have films about it.
----------¡THE GOSSIP!----------
THE GOSSIP was an activity where we should invent a gossip that all the kids in our class are whispering around and nobody knows the true about the fact that they are talking about. I liked this activity because I invented hilarious jokes about some of the people in the class. It was funny and didactic.
INTERVIEW was a hole experience. I worked again with my friend Naitze who choose a character for me and I made the same for her and in the INTERVIEW we should act as the character we choose for each other on an interview. At the end she acted like the famous mafia men "El Chapo" and I acted like a famous mexican actress called "Danna Paola" on a funny interview where we both sing and have fun with each other, of course all in english language.

We have finished preparatoria, and all I want to said is thank you teacher Brown!. You are one of the best teachers I ever had in my life and I will always remember you. At the beginning I was afraid about have a english teacher that speak english because is your native language, I think that was because of the accent. But then I realized that you were so compressive with us and you didn't judge us. Thank you about that because that made me gain confidence and helped eliminating the shy person that I used to be. That's why this semester I got closer to you and started to speak you as a friend. I swear every time I speak to you I feel like I know how to speak english, despite I don't. Thank you for all the patience you had with us, I know that high school boys and girls sometimes are like kids trying to be cool and feel like adults. And maybe I wasn't the best student but all I want to make with this message is to let you know you are an incredible person with a high level of patience and a great teacher that deserves to be the next Stephen King or Tolkien, just remember to enjoy the life as you do everyday with that big smile and sense of humor. Love, Mariana Valdivieso.

PD. This last part is not part of the project.. This is something I want to tell you as a person, from my heart. <3

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