Should students go international for colleges? by Robert SmIth


In the European Union, there are no tuition rates for international and citizens. Countries like Germany and France offer a good variety of courses for a price that cannot be compared to an average 4 year college in the United States, especially out of state colleges. (CNN)
a simple comparison would the tuition rates in the University of Colorado at Boulder is at a staggering 29,000$ in state. Compared to 53,000$ out of state. You maybe asking yourself is this college is worth it? Well, CU boulder is ranked 38 in the world (9 in the US)
What About the University of Melbourne in Australia, University of Melbourne is ranked #1 in Australia, and 40 in country! Their tuition rates are a staggering 7,500$ American Dollars. This is just an overview on difference of tuitons in most colleges in other countries
If you decided to study abroad. Here are the things to consider for when you decide to study abroad 1. What country, where do you want to go, and why do you want to go to that country. Rather you are interested in that particular culture or are interested in some of the other activities that are available in that country. Maybe you just want to go there because it is cheaper or the quality of education there is really high. 2. What do you want to do at the country, do you want to study a program that is not available in the US. Do you want to build a better personality or start getting conscious on global issues and events. 3. Why are you studying abroad? Are you overwhelmed by the high cost of colleges in the US? Do you have a family at the other country and want to see them for a couple years? Do you just wish to travel and spend a lot of time in another country?


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