Design of principle

Repitition - repeated elements of art: shapes, color, textures, lines, forms, value
Movement is the design element that operates in the fourth dimension - time.
ways in which the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) of a piece are arranged.
Variety is the quality of having different forms or types.
Dominence in a piece of art means that an object or colour stands out in relation to the painting.
This is purposefully leaving aspects of the original image out as you draw or paint in order to allow the center of Interest to stand out and to create the Line Movement you desire. Find examples of art that has purposefully


Created with images by MarkThomas - "architecture windows water" • BrightGarden - "Patterns" • real-napster - "highway night photograph lights" • Clint__Budd - "Traditional Egg balanced on Forks" • Patrick McConahay - "Variation 3" • woodkoiwa - "Dominance" • markusspiske - "businessman tie shirt"

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