Poverty In India Mandy Liu - Brooks A


My topic is...

Poverty in India

My question is...

How does poverty affect the lives of Indian citizens?


I found out that poverty is a crucial part of the lives of the Indian people and people end up having no choice but to suicide and die.

A recent article that came up in the Indian newspaper was about a woman in India allegedly selling her newborn baby due to poverty. The mother gave her baby away because she had no money to raise her own child.

"The Untouchables in india sweep trash and clean overflowing sewage from roadsides."


Another article that came up was a 26 year old man suiciding because of the challenges he faced with poverty. He identified himself as the lowest of the low. The man was part of the "untouchables" caste . He was discriminated against and he had no money and was living under horrific conditions.

My answer to my first question is...

Poverty plays a critical part in the daily lives of the Indian people. Many people face poverty because of the low caste they were born into. People are dying because they don't want to experience the pain of poverty.

Another question that came up when I was researching....

What should India do to decrease the amount of poverty?

Summary of what you've learned AND explain the legacy - why should Americans know about Hinduism and/or Buddhism to understand what is going on in the world today?

In summary, poverty is a crucial part in India. People die because of it. What I learned is that poverty is heavily based on the caste system in India. Poverty connects to the legacy of Hinduism because poverty is based on the caste that you were born into. Americans should learn about the legacies of Hinduism to know what's going on in the world today because people from all over the world are affected by poverty. In India, the caste system is like the social class system in the U.S. Thus we can see that people in lower castes are mainly affected by poverty.

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