Imagine being allergic to cats and dogs; now imagine having 2 daughters who desperately want a pet…

What do you do?

Well, if you are Nazzareno Pignotti, after some research, you choose bearded dragons.

Instagram: @my.pet.dragon

That is exactly what this family did; being surprised as to how docile and of course cool these animals are, they became HUGE fans. So huge actually that after they learnt they were good making babies they became homemade breeders.

Amazing story, right?

That is not the best part!

One day one of the daughters drew and cut a pair of wings and attached it to the harness of one of the bearded dragons, and history was made.

Nazzareno saw the wonderful opportunity and along with his daughters started My Pet Dragon, an Etsy store dedicated to provide bearded dragons their wings.

The name of this fairy tale store? My Pet Dragon.

It cannot possibly be a better story – name – result combo.

Here is what the fantastic dad says on the etsy store :

After two years of development and after many prototypes, we came up with a product that both fills a need as well as brings functionality and imagination to the public and their bearded dragons. This has opened up a new world and brought a great deal of possibility from this journey. We are excited to share our current and future products in hopes of creating an amazing, fun world where people experience owning their own pet dragons. As a father, I want to give my daughters the ability to live their dreams and want others, young and old, to be inspired by our journey and use it to fulfill their own dreams.

I don’t know about you, but now I want a bearded dragon and I want it equipped with wings from this inspiring family.

Here is the link to their Etsy store :

and their instagram:

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