she as pharaoh by chloe figgins

On the west bank of the Nile river stands a beautiful temple called, Deir el Bahri. this temple was directed by Queen Hatshepsut herself.

Hatshepsuts story is one of the most dramatic stories in ancient Egypt, her a fair young beautiful women stole the throne of Egypt from a young helpless child.
pharaoh Thutmose the first had four children with his royal wife. All children died in childhood but little princess Hatshepsut. It was also traditional to have a secondary wife. Pharaoh Thutmose the first had a son with his secondary wife and named him Thutmose the second.
When Hatshepsuts father died she was married to her step brother Thutmose the second at 12 years old. Thutmose the second and Hatshepsut had two beautiful girls. Thutmose the second also had a secondary wife just like his father. Thutmose the second and his secondary wife had a little boy named Thutmose the third.
When Thutmose the second died his son Thutmose the third was not old enough to take the throne. Hatshepsut was the now the Queen mother. she also helped run Egypt until Thutmose the third was old enough.
Hatshepsut believed that her alone, by blood and birth was entitled to the throne of Egypt. Instead of little Thutmose the third who could only claim to be only one-quarter royal.
Hatshepsut took the throne, wearing only a short kilt with a lion tail hanging to the ground in back. Carrying the royal scepter in one hand and in the other the sacred flail or crook. with a square cut false beard attached to her chin, Hatshepsut mounted the throne and proclaimed herself Pharaoh of Egypt.
once Hatshepsut took the throne she banished little Thutmose the third to the temple of Amen.
As Hatshepsut ruled she extended Egyptian trade and oversaw building projects. One of Hatshepsuts greatest achivements was a temple called Deir el Bahi. Egypt flourished under Hatshepsuts approximantly 20 year rule.

once Hatshepsut died Thutmose the third was the new ruler of Egypt. He was still vary mad about what happened so long ago. Thutmose the third attempted to d Hatshepsuts name. He had her name chiselled off the walls of temples and her monuments vandalised.

thanks to some observant Egyptologists in the 19th century, Hatshepsut might have been lost in history forever. Hatshepsut image was still on some walls of temples of her dressed as a male pharaoh.

Queen Hatshepsut was one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt. She helped Egypt flourish. She will never be forgot.


Created with images by Devanath - "ank cross spiritual" • Jorge Lascar - "Detail of the open payrus capitals - The Colonnade of Amenhotep III - Luxor Temple" • Jorge Lascar - "The 14 columns of the The Colonnade of Amenhotep III - Luxor Temple" • Jorge Lascar - "Obelisk of Thutmose I- The smallest of the two remaining obelisks. Each face has three lines of inscriptions"

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