Malala Yousfazai ¨ why is it, giving guns is so easy, but giving books is so hard¨

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHERE IT ALL STARTED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Malala Yousfazai was born in a town called Mingora in Pakistan and there she lived with her parents Tor Pekai Yousfazai and Zlauddin Yousfazai . Mingora was a popular tourist attraction but slowly that all changed when the Taliban tried to take over.

The Taliban are a rogue community who came out to the public in the 1990s in northern Pakistan after the  the Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Originally their intentions were to restore peace and security and bring back Islamic law. They gained power from both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and supported public executions of murderers and adulterers as well as the amputations of those guilty or thought to have committed theft. Woman wear the all covering burka, men have to grow out their beards, girls age 10 and over may not go to school, TV has been banned, music has been banned as well as going to the cinema. To this day the Taliban have terrorized countries in order to make everyone convert to Islam.

Bullets cannot be recalled. They cannot be uninvented. But they can be taken out of the gun.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HER FIRST ACT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She shared a speech called, "How dare the Taliban takeaway my basic right to education?¨ after the Taliban attacks at schools for girls in Swat Valley. Soon after that she began blogging to BBC about living under the threats of the Taliban to take away her education, but kept her identity a secret protect herself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE ATTACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After news spread about her being the BBC blogger, her family received death threats against Malala because of her activism. Her family did not think much of the threat and let her continue going to school. On October 9, 2012, she was attacked on a bus she rode with her friends coming from school by the Taliban. They shot her on the left side of her head and shot two other girls. Thankfully she survived. She was sent to Birmingham, England to receive better medical care.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONTRIBUTIONS TO SOCIETY~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once she woke up from her medically enduced comma and was fully recovered, she attended school in Birmingham. The Taliban still consider her a target till this day, but she keeps her head held high and has gone on to write three books, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle against suppression of children and young people and for the right for all children to be educated, Sakharov prize for acknowledging woman´s rights aswell as children´s rights and for being strong for going against the Taliban and many more. She has a social media account called The Malala Fund where she interacts with other refugees and many people and speaks about education and its value and has dedicated her life to being an woman and

Our heroes don´t always wear a cap and leotard, they wear the clothes on their backs and speak from the heart ~~~Naimah Mpofu


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