Journey Log 7 Ryan Dixon

Dixon - Malabro

Section 37

Journey Log 7


Metacognition and Engagement

The trek through the semester continues. This was a very productive week for me in English. For many of my classmates, it was crunch time because they had to finish their rough drafts on Sunday or Monday. Luckily, I was able to finish my entire rough draft over the weekend. Thankfully, Chris went ahead and looked at my entire paper and gave a lot of helpful tips. As a result of this, I could start working on my final draft earlier than expected. As this stage of editing and revising is coming to an end, I am excited for the final product of this assignment. I have put a lot of work and effort into this and can't wait to see what I end up with. I have been looking forward to this assignment ever since I found out what it was going to be about. I know that once it is complete, I will be proud with my work and all that I accomplished while doing it. I am happy that Chris wanted us to do these papers on monsters and villains for obvious reasons, but I am also happy that he chose this type of paper due to the difficulty. I know that when I look back on it, I will feel like I worked hard on this assignment and that it was not just a freebie. It is definitely harder to do research on monsters and villains than it is to do research for your typically English paper. However, that was one of the main points of doing this. He wanted it to be a challenge for us and I appreciate that.

Reflection of mountains on a lake

One of the main skills that proved very useful to me this week was metacognition. The reason that we needed to have our rough draft done was so that we could do peer reviews. Thankfully, Chris had a system in place that would help promote good comments from our peers. I was very appreciative of the comments that my peers made on my paper. They had some really good points that are going to help me make my paper better than before. I am also extremely appreciative of the comments that Chris made, as he took a lot of time to go through the entire paper that I wrote and gave super helpful feedback. The reason I appreciate the comments so much is that they allowed me to use metacognition to reflect on what I was thinking when I wrote the rough draft. By dissecting my thought process, I can compare what I was thinking when I wrote it to how other people perceive my paper. This is a very powerful tool, as I can now modify my paper in a way that will make it easier for people to understand, as well as create a better structure for some of my paragraphs and for my paper in general. The feedback that I was given consisted of small grammar mistakes and formatting errors as well as things on a larger scale. I always appreciate good feedback and will definitely take most of the suggestions into consideration as I work towards a final draft. By being able to reflect on my work, I can have a better understanding as to what I need to do to improve on it and how to do that.

Engagement in a classroom

Engagement was another important aspect of this week for me. I already had a deep interest in my topic for my paper, and this really helped motivate me to want to learn more. I became very involved and invested in my research and in my paper in general. I have a desire to produce a good piece of writing, and that will not happen if I don't put in the time and effort. Not only is time and effort required, but you need to have some level of curiosity or interest to create something that you are passionate about. This week I not only had to work on my paper, but I also had to study for exams. I am engaged in my classes and want to learn as much as I can, so I put in the time and energy in order to be successful in the courses. Without proper engagement in what I am doing, it is difficult for me to gain much from it. If you are not fully engaged in something, then to me it feels like you do not care as much or are as motivated to succeed with that thing.


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