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Welcome to Issue #7

We're back for one final issue of 2020. We will call this our Christmas issue, though it is about as Christmassy as a Christmas number 1 which is basically a normal song but with bells jingling in the background.

It goes without saying that 2020 is not the year we expected and none of us watched as much football as we had hoped for. This is most definitely reflected in this issue.

We've brought together a great mix of different articles for this issue, from Dave's look at a non-traditional immigrant club in Berlin, to articles that look at how we have coped with the abyss that cancelled and suspended seasons have left in our social calendars.

We hope that though this festive period is most likely not the one you had planned on having, you still manage to relax and enjoy some well deserved rest. We may have not left the house so much this year, but somehow staying at home has never been so exhausting.


Dave visits Berlin's Norden Nordwest 98 and looks at the path that led them to become a non-traditional immigrant club.

Unable to pursue his love for visiting grounds far and wide, Paul reverts to other pastimes to keep himself occupied.

Andy looks back on a surreal year for football, and its impact on fans and players alike.

Lost in a world of hidden apathy, Ben takes us on his journey from North East Premier League to Berlin Kreisliga.

Babelsberg 03 were all but down and out. Enter Corona. Paul gives us a breakdown of a season to forget that should always be remembered.

Moving away from your home town can often mean leaving behind a love. Paul Musco left behind West Didsbury & Chorlton...

Hot Wheels, longboarding and Rügen. Ben looks back over the lighter side of 2020.