Ducks Bully Bulls Wk 2 - 11Mar17

Lets start with these teams don't like each other. Every time they meet it never goes well.

When the bulls arrive at location they try to intimidate with a show of force. It looks great until you get between the lines and the Ducks are a proud team and they are on a mission. So if you step on the field they bring thre pain.

With that said please enjoy the images

Nice blocking!
Clean up Lane 4
Let go of my head bro!

Hold the door!

Hold the door.

Smooth Reggie!

Don't bring that week stuff to my house.

Good talk bro!

I believe I can fly!

Yes I'm going to crush you. Don't take it personal.

Bull riding is what we do.

Stay down!

That man is fassssssssst

Kicking game has improved. Well done!

Nice catch!

Toe tapper!

Mama said knock you out!

Great defense!

Winner winner we eating bull for dinner!

Thanks for watching!

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Created By
Leroy Mundy


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