Lessons from Geese At Garinger High

Adapted from the work of Dr. McNeish, first a Biology teacher, then a school superintendant.

We fly further, with less effort, when we fly together

While flying in a V formation as a goose flaps his/her wings an uplift is created, increasing the the individual flying range by 71%.

Join with others who want to go where we do

When an individual goose separates from the flock s/he immediately feels the resistance of flying alone.

Share leadership, we are stonger together

When the lead Goose grows tired s/he falls back and another goose takes their place.

We exist as a community

When a goose is ill or injured two other geese fall out of formation and fly with the injured goose as protection and support.

Supporting one another outloud is a part of living in comuunity

The geese behind the leaders in the V formation honk their support and encouragement.

The world around us is always our best teacher

Sometimes the things we need to learn just appear right in front of us. Will we notice?

Created By
Laurel Brooks

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