LGBT rights! sarah bethoney

LGBT rights are a huge debate worldwide today. Even though marriage for all sexualities has been legalized, there are still people apposed and fighting for this to be stopped. The LGBT community deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. Everybody deserves to love who they love and they should love others as well.

love is love.

The LGBT community should be able to be open about themselves. Children, young adults, even grown adults should be able to feel they can be open and honest. They need support just as everyone else does. Love is love and love has no gender.

love is open.

Kindness is key just as love is key. To have peace we need to show kindness, not hate. People who are open about their sexuality need to be shown love and kindness. Accept everyone no matter what sexuality or gender. If people are open about their sexuality, be open with kindness. Show love to all.

love is kind.

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