Healthy lifestyle And its importance

What it does actually means? A healthy lifestyle is very important for your life. You must eat right , do some sports and practice it every week and don´t have much stress in your life. When you have a healthy lifestyle you feel much better than if you haven´t. Changing your lifestyle will improve your way of life. Your happiness matters on your social condition. Try to do things that you enjoy and you will feel better and happier.

There are some tips that may help you to have a better lifestyle and be more confident in yourself.

Sports are very important to have a healthy lifestyle, practice sports 2 or 3 days in a week is very important. It helps you to improve your body and prevents you for some hearts issues like hearts attacks. We know sport is very good but people have many excuses, such as: they are not "motivated", They don´t know how to start or they are afraid about hurting himself. Some people also says that sport make you feel happier and less stress.

Food is also very important for your lifestyle because it help a lot to your body. You have to eat healthy food like vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Try to don´t eat too many candys, chocolate and fast food because they are to bad to your health. You have to drink a lot of water too and try to reduce drink soda or sugar drinks.

Most of people think that sport and food is enough but there are many things that helps you too like: mental health , social life or toxic products. Your physical and psychological health are important too, so you should try to have less stress in your job and in your family. Try to avoid alcohol, cigars and drugs because it damage your body and it´s very bad for it. You should replace the hours you spend watching the TV doing some sports and going out with friends too.

Try to prioritize good sleep, it is as important as a good diet and sports. Some people thinks that sleep it is just a normal thing but is one of the most important. Replace your hours staying up all night for 9 or 10 hours sleeping in a day.

You may don´t know this, but cleaning your house help you to have a better lifestyle. It´s like sport!!!

Drink water, replace your sugar drinks for water. It is essential for your life!!!!!

Eat healthy snacks like fruit or cereals, instead of chips or sweets.

An good hygiene is very important too. It really matters for your well-being and comfort

In conclusion I think all of us should have a healthy lifestyle or something like it because it help your body a lot and make you feel better and more confident in yourself. Have a healthy lifestyle !!!!!!


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