Red Pandas By gin wellborn

Did you know that the red pandas are one of the most endangered species on Earth? This is true, so by reading this essay you are going to learn how you can adopt a red panda, what their threats are, and what they eat.

A red panda

When I say “adopt a red panda”, I mean you putting money towards the red panda. You can help by going to this website:

Once you are in this website, you can learn how to adopt a red panda, what people are doing to help the red panda, why they matter, and what their threats are.

A panda eating bamboo

Red pandas have many threats. One of their biggest threats are humans. They get caught in traps that are meant for other animals. Or humans will kill them for their fur. Also, snow leopards are predators of the red panda. Also martens and some birds are predators of the red panda.

A snow leopard hunting for red panda

Red pandas eat a very healthy diet. They eat berries. Berries are healthy for humans and red pandas. They also eat bamboo. Lots and lots and lots of bamboo. They will also eat fruit and insects. Red pandas eat in a special way. They eat with 6 fingers! One of those fingers was a muscle that over time evolved into a special thumb.

Wild berries

Now that you have read this piece, you know what they eat, what their threats are and how you can adopt a red panda. With all of these reasons I really hope that they have changed your minds. Let’s help this panda!

A baby red panda


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