Mississauga 2.0 Water and energy

Mississauga's Water and Energy

Water and Energy are two very important essentials of having a city. It is used mainly in our daily life. Without water, we wouldn't have anything to drink, and without energy, we wouldn't have electricity to use in our households.


The Issue of using our water

Mississauga's fresh water is obtained from Lake Ontario. Chemicals are added to the water to make the water drinkable. Because of this, there is now pollution in Lake Ontario not only from the chemicals, but also many people dumping waste into the lake to cause diseases. Ontario's water is naturally cleaned through wetlands, but because of the growing population, wetlands are cut down and destroyed to create shelters. Water is also being overused from our society by leaving the tap water on or taking longer showers than needed. As urban sprawl is faster than ever the amount of water being used in Mississauga is just growing larger and larger.

How this is unsustainable

The water that we up and leave unused goes down the drain will go back to lakes and wetlands where people would dump their waste in. As we use up more water and fill it with waste and chemicals, the amount of water we can use will decrease drastically. Our city is growing more and more, and because of this, more water is needed for the increasing population. Eventually, we'll continue this cycle run out of water to use for the future of Mississauga.

How can we make this more sustainable

If we can preserve our wetlands instead of cutting them down, we'll be able to collect water which was naturally cleaned from the wetlands. Because of that, the water at Lake Ontario won't have to be altered with chemicals to clean since we'll already have water produced and cleaned. Also, since our increasing population will reach an end and begin to fall down, less water will be used or wasted by the population, saving more water for when we can use it. When our population goes down, Mississauga would have been big enough to live in so wetlands wouldn't have to be cut down.


The issue of using our energy

Mississauga is currently lacking energy sustainability. Mississauga isn't a city that can produce its own energy, so it relies on Metropolitans for example Toronto, in order to get the energy to provide the city. Eventually, Mississauga would likely have a downfall due to its unsustainable energy sources.

How this is unsustainable

Mississauga won't be able to sustain itself because of it not being able to produce its own energy and rely from energy production plants around Toronto or other regions. This system is also unsustainable because of all the power lines around present in almost every direction, which could cause visual pollution and could decrease the popularity of the Suburb. Not to mention the cost of transporting the energy from city to city.

How can we make this more sustainable

I think that Mississauga could be more sustainable in energy if we had planned out an idea of having an environmental eco friendly energy producer. The most recommended option in my opinion would be using wind power. Wind energy is generated through wind turbines with large spinning blades that are rotating. The blades are spun to capture the kinetic energy from the wind, the rotors in the turbine begin to use the kinetic energy and convert it into energy. Wind is also one of the world's cheapest energy sources, also being renewable. Wind turbines do not produce air pollution, making it environmentally safe.







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