Giant Panda

Giant Pandas

Predators:Jackals,Snow Leopard and Yellow-Throated-Martens

Habitat:Mountain forests of china and bamboo forests

Food source:Leaves stems shoots of various bamboo species


Created with images by Freeimages9 - "panda bear animal asia" • Chi King - "Pandas!! (GIANT PANDA/WOLONG/SICHUAN/CHINA)" • Gellinger - "marten yellow throated marten predator" • Pixel-mixer - "snow leopard predator cat" • Mariamichelle - "tanzania safari serengeti" • Iñaki Pérez de Albéniz - "Bamboo forest @ Sagano, Kyoto" • Chi King - "Huangshan, China (YELLOW MOUNTAIN/LANDSCAPE)" • Nicolas 11mo - "Relaxing view" • rycky21 - "bamboo nature wood" • sarangib - "bamboo shoots bamboo vegetable" • cannabird - "bamboo stalk tall"

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