Some tent putting upping and sound - the main events over the last two weeks!

We were investigating pitch by bashing, strumming and hitting various instruments, including elastic Boomwhackers also employed. It was noisy. We don’t mind a bit of noise in year 4 though...
We had an impromptu forest school too. Using the piece of grass beside the turf, 4 tents were put up. Mr Walker was an essential help and good fun was had by all. No one had as long in the tent as they would have liked clearly. When things are back to normal, I’m sure a camping trip for this lot beckons! Disclaimer: no tents were harmed in the creating of these photos.
Running around in P.E. It was the only way to keep warm!
Some same value different appearance type maths.
More sound - why does sound travel more efficiently through a blown up balloon than in the air around us? Ask these guys, they should be able to explain!
We also had a few house captain speeches. Well done all!