Honduras Marcia henry


This is the continent my country is located in

Honduras is located in both the Northern and Western Hemisphere

There are countries and oceans that border Honduras such as Tegucigalpa, San Pedro , Choloma, La ceiba, Guatemala, Nicaragua El Salvador, Caribbean sea ,and the North Pacific Ocean.

This is a picture of Tegucigalpa

The capital city of Honduras is Teguacigala and it's coordinates are (15,200 N 86.2119 W )

Physical Characteristics

Teguacigalpa, Honduras is in the Tropical zone which means that the temperature is cold all year, these seasons are based on sunlight a which means it is between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn , the Tropical zone is between 0 and 23 1/2 latitude

There are varieties of physical features but some are hills, mountains, Carribean lowlands, Pacific lowland, and th Gulf of Fonseca

Physical Features

This is one of the many hills in the country Honduras
This is an astonishing picture of a Caribbean lowland in the country Honduras
This is one of the many Pacific lowlands in Homduras
This is a picture of the Gulf of Fonseca in the country Honduras


Honduras is a with a small population and and is third in world rankings

The population density of Honduras is 74per km2 ( 192 people per mile ) which meNs that it is not crowded in Honduras

The growth rate for Honduras is 3.6 percent annual change which means that the growth rate of Honduras is very fast and the world average is 1.11 percent which is average and the fertility rate is 2.38 ,which is in between staying the same and growing larger .

There are four large cities in Honduras # 1 Teguacigala 2 San Pedro, 3 Choloma, and 4 La Ceiba

This is Tegucigalpa
This is San Pedro
This is Choloma

This is La Ceiba

Honduras is more a more rural area then urban because they live more by country sides and and near reservoirs

In Honduras more people are leaving because they are looking for places with more money that can provide better jobs and they also leave because of poverty and violence


Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America and is considered a third world country. The population of Honduras is 8,304,677 and are only expect d to live for 73 years and have a literacy rate of 88% which means the other 12% can not read and that is bad because if the country lives a short time and can not read then there will be a low chance that the can enhance their country


The main language is Spanish

The main religions are Roman Catholic, episcopal Lutheran,Jehovahs witness , Mennonite

Honduras has several distinct ethnic groups such as Amerindian, Black , White , Mestizo, and European

Mayan civilization flourished in Honduras in the centuries before Columbus arrived in 1502


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