Be a Community Hero! Mentor a Co-op Student Campaign

What Is Co-op?

Cooperative Education is a program that offers students the opportunity to extend classroom learning into supervised learning experiences in the community.

Students can earn secondary school credits, which are related to specific subjects in school.

A student who is currently taking or has completed TTA4C2, an automotive course, can transfer the skills gained through this course into an automotive placement.

Linking completed credits to practical experience

Cooperative Education programs combine a work placement component in the community, along with a classroom component.

Students can earn two or four credits. The working hour requirement to earn credits is 100 hours per credit.

Prior to attending a placement in the community, students are required to complete a three week classroom component. They return to the classroom for integration sessions throughout the school year.

Some of the Topics Covered During Pre-placement:

  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interview skills
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Violence and Harassment training
  • Young Worker Awareness training
  • Workers Rights
  • First Aid
  • Working at Heights
  • Confidentiality
  • Student commitment form
  • Human rights

The above assignments make up part of the student's term mark.

A safety promotion video to demonstrate safety awareness for young workers.

Students are required to complete reflective journals and complete a working log of duties. The working log is signed by the employer to verify insurable hours and the student's attendance. Completion of these tasks contribute to the term mark.

Fulfillment of work experience hours contributes to the student's application term mark.

Students are required to come back into the school for in class sessions each month.

The students are required to create and present culminating projects during the last month of the semester about the learning they have experienced at the business.

I want you to take a moment and think of a person in your career that helped you learn the ropes of the job?

“We overlook just how large a role we all play--and by 'we' I mean society--in determining who makes it and who doesn't.”

Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

You should participate in this program if you are:

Looking for potential employees

Passionate about promoting what you do

Want to promote your public image and community involvement

Want to contribute to student learning

All students are covered by the board of education through a Workplace Education Agreement.

At the end of the term we report the number of insurable hours to W.S.I.B.


Your Responsibility


  • We add your contact information to the employer data base
  • The student researches different areas of interest
  • The Student will direct a resume and cover letter to you inquiring about co-op opportunities

Arrange an Interview Time

  • The student will come to you for the interview

A decision is made to hire a student. Now what?

The Teacher will contact you to complete a pre-placement assessment.

  • This involves a tour of your business
  • A review of the safety requirements students are to follow
  • Accident procedures and reporting
  • Discussion of potential learning opportunities
  • The creation of a work education agreement
  • Workplace expectations
  • Attendance procedures

Employers are to provide a safe and meaningful experience to the new hire.

  • Introduce your new hire to the best practices of your industry
  • Co-create learning goals with the student and teacher
  • Allow the student's teacher on site to check in on the student
  • Fill out two evaluations on the student
  • Communicate with the student's teacher

Help Educate Your Community Members

Thank you for your time. We teach at Stratford District Secondary School.

For more information contact Co-op Leaders: Tony Roes and Brian Dingman at 519-271-9740

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