Daniel's Dream Christ Presbyterian Church Goodyear Children's ministry

Here you will find a worship song playlist, Daniel's Dream story videos for both preschool and 1st thru 5th grader children, and discussion questions that you can talk about with your children. :)

Worship for the children's church!

Below you will find a playlist of all the worship songs we have been working on with the children! They know the dances and the words so you can freely play the videos so the children can Worship :) There are 6 songs in total. We will continue to update them.

Story Lessons

Below you will see two lessons. The first is the video and questions for the Toddler and Preschool Children. The second is the video and questions for the 1st thru 5th grade children. :)

Preschool Video: Daniel's Dream

Questions to discuss with your preschool children about Daniel' Dream

1) What came out of the water in Daniel's dream? (four big creatures)

2) When Daniel saw Heaven with thrones, who sat down on a throne and took away the creature's power? (God)

3) Who did God give the power to rule over everything forever? (God's son)

4) Who told Daniel what the dreams meant? (God)

5) How long will God's son's kingdom last? (forever)

1st thru 5th video: Daniel's Dream

Questions to discuss with your 1st thru 5th grade children about Daniel's Dream

1) What did Daniel see in his dream? (four mysterious creatures that looked like animals, Dan 7:3-7)

2) Who was sitting on the throne? (God, the Ancient of Days; Dan. 7:9)

3) What did God do while sitting on the throne? (judged the creatures, Dan. 7:10-12)

4) Why do you think God gave Daniel this dream? (Guide the kids to see that God was showing that He is ultimately in control. God gave Daniel and us hope for eternity so we can know that no matter what kind of ruler we have, God is still on the throne. He is in charge. Someday, Jesus will return and destroy all evil, restoring the world. Those who trust in Him will live with God forever.)

5) What does this story teach us about what God is like? (Help kids understand that God is sovereign, or in control over all things. He is also good and righeous. He wants us to have hope for the future. Through Jesus, he gives us hope)

6) What can you do when you feel scared? Explain that even in scary times we can still trust God. If we have trusted in Jesus, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit for all eternity (Eph. 4:30) Even though bad things sometimes happen while we wait for Jesus to return, we don't have to fear anything- not even death. God is bigger than anything we could ever fear, and He will destroy all evil someday.)

Thank you for watching!

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