the good life at florida museum of natural history By: Miguel Arroyo-Green

Nature on display

One of the more interesting exhibits that they had was on prehistoric animals such as large ground sloths. The exhibit caught my attention by the amount of fossils they had and the size of many of them. Some like the large ground sloth, which is seen in the picture, are bigger than most people and there modern counterparts. It really made me think about having these things alive today and how they would have interacted with the environment. I would not have had the same reaction if I read about these animals and read that they were really big. By being there I was able to see and experience the size of these creatures. This exhibit was the highlight of my day at the museum.

nature and ethics pages

For this section I chose to go to the Butterfly Rain forest. This exhibit really instilled in me an appreciation of being a part of the environment instead of trying to impose my will on it. In this exhibit I had to be wary of where I was going and I had to ensure that I was not hurting any of the butterflies. This allowed me to better understand the fragility of nature. Once I did that was able to experience the butterflies not as pest but as members of a living community. When I was there in the exhibit there were families also going through the exhibit. Many of the children cried when the butterflies came near them and tried to hurt them. To me I think this shows how when we do not understand something that we often try to remove the problem and deal with it with force. It is very important that we try to understand nature and not let it scare us in order to become a better connect with it.

nature and the human spirit

One of the exhibits that I looked at was on the native people of Florida and how they interacted with the environment. This exhibit helped me look at nature from the perspective of the natives. The exhibit showed that many of the things that they used came from the environment and required that they lived close to them in order to have access to these resources. This dependence on nature is often showed in the art of the people. Animals are commonly used in there art and in there stories showing there connection to the environment and how much it matters to them. This helps us understand nature by showing that we can and did live as a member of the environment. That it is important that we understand the importance of the environment in our everyday lives and try to take care of it better. Because without it life for us would be difficult.

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