My Travels Juliana hamori

Cicones Island

After we set sail from Troy our ship was blown off course . I landed on a island where we discussed with the people there and asked for supplies but they refused and so we were forced to kidnap their women and threaten them. As we were waiting for their reply we began to eat and drink. I soon realized the oncoming danger and told my men to pack up their stuff and set sail. But the fools ignored me! The price they paid was their lives, for while we were eating the Cicones had gathered their forces and attacked us. We lost six benches of people for each ship.

The Lotus Eaters

After leaving Cicones a terrible storm hit us for three days. After the storm we landed on a island which looked deserted but for safety measures I sent two men to check the land but the lotus eaters fed them the flower and all resolve to return home dissipated. Being the kind man I am I lifted all three squirming men at once and tied them to the ship and announced to my men what happened. We set sail again


We landed on a rocky shore on a island and began to search for food we found nothing but a giant cave. Upon entering the cave we discovered cheese and began to eat. Not long after a giant human with one eye entered and sealed the cave off. We confronted the monster about eating its cheese and it took two of our men and ate them. My men cried in fear but I drew my sword and was going to kill the monster, but it occurred to me who would remove the giant stone blocking the entrance so me and my men came up with a plan. The next day he ate another two men and sealed the cave so we could not escape. When he returned we had created a spear made of a olive tree. I offered him wine and very soon he became and drunk and passed out. In his sleep we stabbed his one eye with the spear that we had heat up in the fire. He roared in pain and the other cyclops came to see what was wrong but I gave him a false name. The next morning he opened the door to let his rams free to roam but little did he know we were hanging from the rams fur. We escaped and sailed away.


We set sail from the Cyclops island and land on a small island where I met the god of wind. I tell him of our problem and he offers me a gift he took a bull-hide bag and put all the stormy winds in it. I thanked him and we set sail again. We finally reach Ithaca but my men thinking I have kept a treasure from them open the bag and we are pushed all the way back to laestrygonians.


We land on a island with giant cannibals all of our ships are destroyed and none of the men on them survive.


Upon reaching Circe's island my men went searching for food. They encountered the witch Circe who offered them food and wine but she had enchanted the wine and they were transformed into pigs. One of my men who didn't enter Circe's house returned to tell me what had happened. I climbed the hill her house rested upon a hill but halfway the god Hermes who saved me before gave me a plant that made her enchantment not work. I reached her house partook of the wine and didn't get turned into a pig. She was very suprised and told me that i order to turn my men back I had to bed her with no choice left I did. She enchanted me and convinced me to stay. When me and my men decided it was time to go we asked her and she told us to visit Teiresias.

Teiresias and the land of the dead

I traveled to the land of the dead to see Teiresias. When I arrived I sacrificed one of our best ewes and he told me of the approaching future. The fortune warned us of what was in store for my men and I. After leaving the land of the dead we returned to Circe and she told us of the perils we would face.

The Sirens

Circe warned us of the sirens beautiful women who sang to the passing sailors. But the sirens were not kind creatures their song lured the men in and once they crashed upon their shore they would eat them. Circe gave instructions to fill my men's ears with wax so they would not fall under the sirens spell. But Circe also said if your men are curious you can have your men tie any who wishes to hear their song to the ship and if they struggle tie them again. When we passed I asked my men to tie me to the ship ad as Circe had warned the sirens song was as beautiful as my own wife's voice

Scylla and Charybdis

Circe warned us of the dangers of these monsters but I was not prepared for what I saw. There was two monsters she warned me about Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla was a six-headed creature that took a person for each of its heads each time you passed. But Charybdis was even worse when you passed over her she sucked in anything surrounding her, there was no way to safely pass her. I was left with only one choice to travel the path of Scylla. When we passed through her cave she stole of six of my best men and left the crew devastated.


Me and my crew landed on the island of the sun god Helios. Circe also foretold of this danger and insisted that we do not eat Helios's cattle. When we had landed I told my men the dangers of eating the cattle and that they were forbidden to touch them. For a month there was enough food to keep us satisfied but our provisions began to shrink. One day as I was resting I woke to the small of cooking animal fat. I immediately raced down to see what had happened. My men starving had sacrificed the cows as a offering in hopes the gods would not show them their wrath. Helios seeing his cattle dead rushed to Zeus's side and demanded that he punish them.


After we set sail from Thrinakia a terrible storm destroyed our ship, I was the only survivor. I eventually washed up on a beautiful island where I met the nymph Calypso. I was ensnared by Calypso's seductive charms, she kept me ensnared on her island for seven years. After seven years Athena begged Zeus to release me from Calypso's grasp. Zeus complied and sent Hermes the messenger god to deliver his demand. Calypso being so lonely tried to convince me to stay but I used my wits and charm to escape.


I was found by the daughter of Alcinous who brought me to her father. I was welcomed as a guest of the court and asked to tell the story of how I got there. They provided me with a food and drink and a bed, when it was time to leave they gave me a ship and provisions. The people of Phaeacia are very generous.


Upon reaching Ithaca I met Eumaeus and was sitting with him when Telemachus came in and Eumaeus ran to him with tear filled eyes and Telemachus told him of the peril Penelope was with the suitors. I offered Telemachus my seat but he kindly refused and pulled up his own my dear Penelope you have taught him well. After eating and drinking with the two men seated before me the god Athena turned me into my original state so that I could introduce myself to my son. Having been transformed so fast my own son thought me a god and I said worry not for I am your father. And son and father were reunited.


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