Myrtle Beach By: Hope Frisbee

When I went to Myrtle Beach, my family stayed at a rental condo for a week named Xanadu II. The room I stayed in costed about $1800 for a week, but we also had 7 people stay in a single condo with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. My family always drives to our vacations, so like every other time, we drove. It takes about 10 hours there, and 10 hours back, give or take. My family stopped for the night somewhere in Virginia, and we usually do stay the night somewhere, so it takes longer to get to North Myrtle Beach then back home. We're also motivated not to stop on our way home because we just want to get home. Good places to stop by at are Publix, Aloha Watersports, Cherry Grove Fishing Pier, Dairy Hut, and the Barnacle Gift Shop. Publix is a grocery store, and I was impressed by it because it was clean, had a variety of different foods, and a nice staff. Aloha Watersports is a watersports place on the beach. When I went there, they had windsurfing. I looked it up and it also has jet skis. The Cherry Grove Fishing Pier had a restaurant that was really good, and Dairy Hut is a really good ice cream shop. I liked the Barnacle Gift Shop because they sold really cute hermit crabs. Also, when I went to North Myrtle Beach, my family went downtown and saw a fair, but I'm not sure what it was called. I really like it because it was by the beach and the bright lights made the place look so beautiful, and they were also playing a Twenty One Pilots song.

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