reflective journal week starting Monday 13th march

week 1

Monday 13th march: on this day I started all of the FMP stuff for example I started the project proposal and that is where I am putting all of my game ideas,

Tuesday 14th march: on this day I just added more ideas and details about the story of one of my ideas although it still might not be the idea that I actually use because me and my partner (Richard) will be making more ideas and we will just choose the one idea that we like the most, and that was everything that I did on Tuesday because I only had I study on Tuesday.

Thursday 16th march: on this day I started my Reflective journal, and I have also started to do some market research and how I am doing is that I am going to be going through all of genres that are in my game ideas at the moment for example I have been looking for some fantasy action games that I ether already have gotten inspiration from or I will take some inspiration from in terms of enemies or environments, and a game that I have already take inspiration from is Skyrim for the atronach guards that will be in my game. I have also been looking for games for inspiration with the Sci-Fi horror game idea that I have came up with, but it is kind of difficult because my game is set in the medieval era but aliens invade in that era.

Friday 17th march: so far today I have added the genre and platforms to all of my game ideas so far, I have spoken with Adam and he has looked through my work so far and he has given me some advice on what more to add to my ideas and he has told me to just choose one of my ideas that I like so far and make some mood boards about the types of enemies or foods or weapons that will be in my game (these are just images of things that will inspire the looks of my games items and enemies and anything else really), and he has said that I should finish my proposal document, also I should make mind maps for any other ideas that I will create ( I might also do mind maps for my already existing ideas to just add more detail to them ), and with my market research I should be more evaluative ( basically just say what I like about the games that gave me inspiration, and also what feedback that game received in terms of reviews and peoples comments on the games ),and at the end of the in Davids lesson i implemented the improvements into my market research that that Adam recommended to me in the first lesson of today.

week 2

Thursday 23rd March: on this day i started to create my proposal presentation and this is meant to be presented on Friday 24th march to Adam and David and my peers, we also did a practice presentation, but we did this before i even started on my presentation so i just had to answer questions and the question that i was asked were actually quite helpful because they made me think about other stuff, about idea that i have chosen and then after everyone had done their practice presentation adam gave feedback to us.

Friday 24th March: on this day i finished my proposal presentation, and presented it in front of the class and David and Adam, and i got feedback in the form of questions after i had presented, the questions that were asked were why did i pick Skyrim to get influence from, why did i choose the price point to be £5.00?, what was my plan to finish all of the work by the deadline.

week 3

Monday 27th march: do far on this day i have added a new unique selling point which is element mixing like you can mix the different magical elements together to create new elements to use against your enemies, and i have added the Magika: wizard wars to my market research document because that game also has the magic element mixing to make different spells and i have also been doing research for the game, and i have also added a new enemy type into my game called the altered, and i have also been doing some research on different types of mythical and magical armors for inspiration in my game, i have also resubmit my Stencyl term 2 game prototype and my market research with the User Interface and audio reviewed.

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