Artificial Intelligence Do we trust Them?

With Technology advancing it is we have no idea when these AI's will come into existence but they are coming and with them comes great hope, and great fear. The consequences we could face from letting AI's become quicker and more efficient than us, not to mention with more intelligence then us, is scary because in extreme cases what if we mess up and these AI's no longer are in our control. On the other hand the idea pf having a human companion like a dog or cat the can do menial task for us has amazing upside. Not to even talk about the medical implications that could arise from such technological advances is awe inspiring.

For AI's: The overwhelming possibilities that come with being able to replicate the human brain and it's intelligence is astonishing. The medical implications could range from curing currently incurable diseases to being immortal. We could have humans within the next couple decades who are immune to the circle of life. AI's could also take over menial jobs and minimum wage labor jobs and allow us to dedicate ourselves to what we choose. We could have a whole generation of people who spend there time doing what they want because the menial task of life can be handle by and AI who would handle just as efficiently, if not more so, than we as humans could. The possibilities are endless but some of those possibilities aren't quite as great as the ones I have mentioned so far.

Against AI's: Uncle Ben from Spiderman said it best when he famously said "With great power comes great responsibility." The power that having AI's unleashes is quite literally something we can't fathom because we have no basis/ prior experience to base it off of. We can try to convince ourselves that our society will adjust to this technological advancement just as it has previously to other life changing advancements such as computers. Truly though we don't know that, we are talking about creating something that has the potential to not only be smarter than us but continue to update itself and continue to learn. The AI's could turn on us and end civilization as we know it, The could begin to completely dominate the work force and take over not only menial task but also take of jobs that involve specialized training. Let's also not overlook that AI's could learn how to do our jobs better than we can ourselves essentially driving us out of the workforce. These are all obviously extreme hypotheticals but we just don't know what this technology has in store for us and maybe we should be concerned instead of ignorantly entering a new era..

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