"Quote Nation" :Adriano napoles.

This website is here to give people quotes or even to create your own. You could either submit your own quote or just search for them.

Info about me

My name is Adriano Napoles and I really like quotes but i could never find an easy way to locate them so this why I created this website.

The Holocaust.

This podcast will talk show how the holocaust was and give a an idea of how the people felt and what they went thru. It also show what the Germans did and how they did it.


Bill Gates.

Thiss podcast is about how Bill Gates started of as someone who coded and eventually ended up becoming a world wide known person. To becoming a titan of industry.

Created By
Adria O Napoles


Created with images by MikeBird - "shakespeare king lear ancient" • DonkeyHotey - "Bill Gates - Caricature"

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