Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly Garden Eric AmRhein

Nature On Display
Left: Overall view of the exhibit | Right: Large butterfly on the bridge

This picture of the butterfly exhibit I think really captures the beauty of true nature pretty well. The green leaves on the plants, the white water rushing through the ground, and the subtle touches of color from the butterflies all tie it together as an amazing place to be. I found it particularly cool how, while this was still a very controlled environment, nature still found ways to impress me, whether it be through the sound of the water rushing, or the sight of insects constantly flying around me. The most enjoyable thing about my trip to the butterfly exhibit was the large butterfly pictured above. It didn't move an inch when we walked passed it and I had never seen a butterfly that big before.

Nature and Ethics
The left picture is an up-close shot of the picture taken on the right

The butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History offered me a great way to reflect on my own morals and how they were incorporated in my life. From the peaceful sounds of the waterfalls to the smell of the flowers scattered throughout the exhibit, it was a very relaxing place. I think nature has a unique way of calming down a person. Looking around, you could notice everyone taking in the sights and sounds of the area around them as they experienced nature in their own unique ways. I was definitely inspired by this specific exhibit to respect nature for what it is and how it plays such a big role in everyone's lives.

Nature and the Human Spirit
Left: Butterflies eating a grapefruit | Right: Picture of the running river

Experiencing the butterfly exhibit took me to a place outside of myself. I was able to step back and appreciate nature for what it was. Looking on as the butterflies ate the grapefruit allowed me to think about the life of a butterfly and how simple it must be. This also brought to mind how complicated my life can be at times and I was able to realize this and take a moment to get away from it. The exhibit also allowed me to meditate on how my life has changed since I started college and how far I have come already. I found it amazing how nature can do this to a person so effortlessly. It allowed me to focus on the present rather than constantly waiting for what could be next.


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