Movingtales Film Newsletter Issue.No:1, May 2016

Cover Story - Spanish Film Festival 2016, Australia
Cover Story - Spanish Film Festival 2016, Australia

The 2016 Spanish Film Festival in Australia evokes a wealth of emotions with dramas, romances, thrillers and major box-office hit comedies from across Spain, plus a selection of gems from Latin America. Opening the night with some fresh laughs from Spanish Affair 2, travelling with diverse genres and spanish cultures with movies like El Clan, Innocent Killers, Nothing in return, Isla Bonita and much more and ending the festival with Academy Award Nominee in Foreign Language category Embrace of the Serpent, a breathtaking cinematic odyssey through the Amazon. It's definitely a treat for world cinema lovers to watch these movies in some of the best cinemas in the country.

Two Cents Worth : Captain America : Civil War
Two Cents Worth - Captain America : Civil War

Brilliant stunt sequences, racy background score and few quirky cameos (antman and spidey) saved the otherwise ordinary story of this new instalment from Marvel. Sans the forcefulness of rage between Stark and Rogers, this could have easily been an another Avenger encounter which they chose to name after the most senior in this superhero crowd. The casting is top notch especially Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther and Martin Freeman who's now off his Hobbit duty for good. The presence of the usual Avenger kinda fun factor makes you bust the long running time (147 mins) sorry for your eyes if you're gonna watch this in 3D. This is not any marvellous movie, just a Marvel movie that guarantees fun.

Facts : Did you know ?
Paranormal Activity (2009)

Paranormal Activity (2009) was produced in a budget of $15000 and boasts a box office of $193,770,453 worldwide with a profit of 645802% highest profit grossed ever.

Vis Beau - Stories written by the lens

Cinematography is the powerful aspect of a film and is the aesthetic which helps to unfold a story. Cinematography is not just about the technique or the lighting aspects, it's a visual style adapted to each story to enhance it and reveal it to the audience as visualized by the storyteller. Here in this section, I'll take one of the best cinematography rich films (I categorize them as Vis Beau in my collections) of all time and talk a bit about it. In this episode, it's Road to Perdition, one of my all-time favourite vis-beau movie.

Vis Beau : Road to Perdition (2002), Conrad.L.Hall

A crime thriller directed by Sam Mendes, Road to Perdition (2002) was nominated six Academy Awards that year but only bagged one. Yeah, you guessed it right ! It's for the best cinematography and the man behind the lens was Conrad.L.Hall who wouldn't be missed when talking about cinematography in Hollywood and has three Oscars and three BAFTAs in his kitty. This one's a period movie based on a graphical novel has no theatrical essence to its photography, but a natural visualization, meticulous compositions that brings audience to the mood and the period. The film was shot entirely in Chicago and a nearby town that creates the midwestern soft-noir look throughout. A mute palette was maintained constantly and Hall's unorthodox lighting methods brings out the unique effect. I'll always have this movie in my collection for I see and learn new things in photography every time I watch this film.

New films I can't wait to check out

Hunt for the WilderPeople (May-June) - A New Zealand film... You heard me right, kiwis make films too apart from lawn bowling and scuba diving. A comedy drama with good casting is a film to look out for.

Independence Day : Resurgence (June) This Roland Emmerich sequel to the 1996 film is coming this june because I haven't watched Independence day in cinemas and would like to watch this in IMAX. Let's wait to see if Mr. Emmerich has a story this time !

The BFG (June) - Steven Spielberg, you need more reasons to wait for this one ???

Cinema check

In this section, I'll talk about a cinema each edition that's worth mentioning. In fact, I've got a bucket list of over thirty cinemas all over the world where I wish to watch a movie in my lifetime. I'll only talk about the cinemas I've been to, so when I'm running out of cinemas to talk I know I'll have to hit a new theatre. Having said that, this month's cinema is my current favourite Palace Barracks, Brisbane.

Palace Cinemas is one of the biggest cinema chain in Australia. There are two cinemas in Brisbane and one of them is Palace Barracks, placed in a lively location in the heart of the city featuring six theatres including two big screens. It's movie selections, documentaries and film festivals are the factors that stands out from the rest of the lot here in Brisbane. They also host a live show of the Academy Awards every year which I regret missing it this year. The sound system they have is above standard and the best (of the cinemas I visited) in Australia. Other highlight of movie watching here (anywhere in Brisbane for that matter) is you can watch it like it's your own private home theatre, as you can hardly see anyone sitting next you or in that row. I can proudly admit of watching two films in Brisbane all alone.

About the Author

I am Manick Ganesan, a movie fanatic based out in Brisbane, Australia. I'm a programmer by profession and crazy about movies, photography and music. I currently watch movies in over twenty different languages. I'm creating this newsletter Movingtales to share my passion with you and to bring you inside my world of movie watching. Thanks for reading. Happy watching movies.

Until the next issue, Manick.

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