My Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History Priya Mohan

Display of the Cretaceous Period

I was able to relate this display to Nature and the Human Spirit because it led me to question what brought humans into the position that we are in now. The Cretaceous period was ruled by dinosaurs. However, it was only through a natural event that the dinosaurs went extinct and humans were able to take over as the dominate species. Therefore, it makes me think of humanity in a larger scale. Did the dinosaurs go extinct solely to allow humans to take over? Hence, was it some predetermined fate? Or was it just plain luck? I think the plan the universe has for us is mysterious and leads us to question what will happen next? This exhibit allowed us to consider what the purpose of our existence is and who we are as a human race.

Butterfly Lab

During the trip, I had found cocoons, which were in science labs. I presumed they were for research or preservation. However this led me to consider Nature and Ethics and whether humans should involve themselves in these natural processes. There is constantly much debate about human involvement with nature and how our scientific approaches can be harmful to the natural progression of nature. While I do understand that scientific research is an important part of human advancement, I also feel that we are tampering too much with nature at in some extents. However, relating back to the cretaceous period, and how we see the humans' role in society. We are left questioning what is ethical and unethical in the growth of science. The museum allowed us to experience nature the way Leopold described, but there were still barriers, as seen in this picture. While I did feel more connected to nature in this museum, some parts felt a bit more artificial and more informative, such as the indoor exhibits. The butterfly exhibit was probably the most immersive. The museum allowed us to connect with nature by permitting us to learn more about it. Therefore, this knowledge instilled within us an ethical responsibility to protect nature, like Leopold intended.

Butterfly Exhibit.

One of my favorite things about this display was how close I was to it. There was little to no barrier between the people and nature. When I sat down at the bench, a bird immediately flew up behind me. I thought of Nature on Display at this point and how the display of the butterfly exhibit allowed people to immerse themselves in nature. There is not many distinct barriers between people and nature in this display, which I found amazing. I enjoyed the contrast between having a man-made object-the bench- surrounded by nature. This type of display shows individuals that nature is not just something you observe, but experience.


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