Hoof, meet Research. That's how HoofSearch began. Do your interests lie where the horse's hoof and research intersect? Then, this new service is for you. Academic and private practice professionals alike will benefit from using this concise, connected monthly guide to new peer-reviewed equine foot research. You're invited to become a charter subscriber!

Come out from behind your stack of unopened journals.

Put away the sticky notes.

Forget the guilt of unread articles, the deluge of content-alert reminder emails, and the confusion of search parameters on database websites.

Let HoofSearch, the new one-stop link list service from Hoofcare Publishing, keep you updated! Watch your comprehension of the big picture of professional knowledge--about foot-related imaging, laminitis, biomechanics and much more--surge forward.

What's HoofSearch?

HoofSearch is a new service that collects all the new research for you and sends you ONE email a month. You simply click the link in the email; it opens a private indexed document in your browser. The document will become your compass; it contains citations and links to the peer-reviewed papers and patents published on the horse's foot during the preceding month.

Read previews of articles you'll see in the journals you receive, monitor articles in the journals you don't receive--and learn about journals and web resources you probably haven't even discovered yet. The links deliver you to journal articles, conference proceedings and academic theses collected from six continents. Foreign-language paper details are even translated to English for you.

Everywhere there are professionals involved in hoof research, the push is on to share publications, data and awareness. That's where HoofSearch comes in--and brings you with it, to the middle of the exciting progress being made in science-based care and treatment of the horse's foot.

HoofSearch covers 14 topics as well as an always-intriguing "other" section. Month by month, you will see the knowledge base of equine foot science expand and progress.

HoofSearch is the first service of its kind in the equine field. It collects all new peer-reviewed papers/publications on equine lameness and performance, as provided by journals, databases, and search engines, and then organizes it for you (and your librarian, students, or professional co-workers) into topic groups.

Pursue new research with a click as you read each snippet or browse it all at once and come back later to follow more links. Read it anywhere you can connect to the Internet: in a barn, at home, in your favorite coffee shop, on the road, or at the library.

Each month, HoofSearch covers the wide world of hoof and lameness research. And that extends to stable management, arena/track surfaces, racing safety and injury, and specific information on breed/sport foot problems and lameness that affect performance.

Of course, it delves deeply into laminitis and indexes the latest research citations and descriptions of peer-reviewed on insulin dysregulation and PPID, as well as navicular disease, anatomy, biomechanics and much more.

What you need to know: HoofSearch is not a journal itself. Nor is it a "just a feed" from PubMed or any other database. It is an easy-to-read text document compiling the month's new articles published in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and graduate or doctoral theses, along with new patents and relevant FDA notifications. Journal publishers and research databases cooperate with HoofSearch to insure that all new articles are included.

Think of it as a scouting report. And something to talk about with colleagues.

Trust HoofSearch to deliver what you need--and want--to read about equine foot science and lameness in this new age of expanding possibilities of new developments in regenerative medicine, equine physical therapy, equestrian sport science, evidence-based veterinary medicine and clinical farriery.

HoofSearch is available through several veterinary college libraries in the United States, Ireland, and Great Britain. It was also adopted for use by all students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Equine Locomotion program of the Royal Veterinary College.

Important technical note: HoofSearch works equally well on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Mobile viewing is via your device's browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc.) by default, or you can download free Google Docs or Google Drive apps for enhanced viewing on the go. The apps will store all your HoofSearch editions so you can search for and retrieve entries from your past months' reports on any and all devices. You can check a single reference on HoofSearch with the mobile app, access full HoofSearch editions anywhere you have a mobile signal, or ponder the big picture of research on the larger screen of any laptop or computer.

Each HoofSearch monthly document typically contains about 100 papers carefully curated into 15 sub-topics, or chapters. The document citation style is customized for easy browsing, with the article title preceding other metadata, along with a descriptive label indicating free or subscription-only access for that article.

Take HoofSearch to the library with you to quickly access articles you've marked to read. Reference librarians will appreciate the links and accurate citations and help you find what you need.
Subscription rate: One year: All 12 monthly lists: $119.00 pre-paid. That's just $10 per report!
Think of hoofsearch as your monthly scouting report on lameness research.

Fine print: Subscription rates quoted are for individual users only. Access to the Internet and selection of a browser is the subscriber's responsibility. There is no charge for Google Docs or its apps. Subscribers must access HoofSearch while signed in with the email address they have provided on record. Some email addresses may require one-time Google verification for setup.

Questions? Need help? Just send an email via the link below or write to hoofsearch@gmail.com.

About Fran Jurga: Fran is a journalist and publisher with decades of experience in hoof, veterinary, and equestrian publishing. In 2017, the year that HoofSearch was launched, she was named a national library research fellow--the first on the hoof! She has been compiling a database of equine foot research for decades, and invites interested professionals to join this exciting next step in the evolution of global hoof research.

News flash! HoofSearch was honored with two graphic design recognitions in the 2019 American Horse Media Awards from American Horse Publications. Awards singled out technical illustration and cover design published by HoofSearch in collaboration with IvalaLearn anatomy education resources and the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science in Great Britain.

So, take a deep breath. You're about to become better informed, up to date, and your access to knowledge will be organized in one place!
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Thank you for photographers who supplied Creative Commons licensed images: P. Cutler, Chris Devers, Kamil Porembiński and Boston University; other images by Professor Chris Pollitt, Tuomas Kauko, and Jazz Napravnik. Horse foot Vinylite and corrosion casting image courtesy of Museum of Veterinary Anatomy FMVZ, University of São Paulo, Brazil.