Nature in Colors and Beyond by Netanya Faith Tham

Nature, in three very different lenses.
Nature can be seen very differently by very different people. Some only see the colors. they only see beauty in colorful plants. However, if you turn the picture into a grey or black and white picture, you see something totally different. Only if you have the capacity to see nature without colors then you will truly 'see' nature. Nature is beautiful, if only you look carefully. Even a black and white picture with unrecognizable shapes can turn into something of true beauty if you truly believe that nature is beautiful without colors.
Then again, you can look at the exact same photograph, in full color. And what, may I ask, do you see? All you see is mere skin-deep beauty, you can't tell if the plant is real or fake. If you look at it in purely black and white, it's hard to understand. It could be drawn, but it'll take a lot of skill to draw. Now, look at it in grey and white. it is beautiful, it shows age and detail. it is not the prettiest but if seen in a special way, it is beautiful.

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