Superintendent's Notes August 23, 2020

Tomorrow marks the first day of school for students in the 2020-21 school year! I am so proud of your preparation for this day. We have learned SO much over the last 5 months during our break from face to face instruction and we are more than ready to apply what we have learned! Our team at the Enrollment Center, Ms. Bonnie Larkin and Ms. Nikki Edwards (along with a few others), has been working this weekend to finalize student enrollment data. HUGE thank you to this team for putting in the extra time to help us prepare for the big day

Fall Sports, including football, softball and volleyball, are a reminder that our students continue to thrive and excel through whatever obstacles life may present. Below are a few photos of our football and softball teams this month! Huge thanks to our coaches for setting a great example by modeling cloth face coverings in front of our students!

Coach Bobby Klinck and Coach Shelli Brown making an IMPACT! Also, JUNIOR HIGH SOFTBALL is new this year! Great job Addie Hughes!
Hello SANDITE VARSITY FOOTBALL! Season opener is AT SAPULPA on Friday, August 28.

You know it's time for school to start when the Professional Development meetings and the PRE-SCHOOL meetings begin. To greet us at the New Teacher Rotary Luncheon was none other than the Pride of Sand Springs DRUMLINE! Big shout out to Mr. Kyle Wright for rounding up this phenomenal group of students to perform! It was music (or rhythm) to our ears!

Even in masks, these students did not disappoint. Their performance yielded lots of applause and lots of smiling eyes!
The Rotarians had the opportunity to meet and welcome the new teachers to the district and came with lots of goodies! Ms. Barbie Jackson presented at the new teacher SSEA Breakfast!

The FRESHMAN ACADEMY, STEM CENTER, AND THE NEWLY REMODELED CPHS building is open for business just in time to greet the Freshman Class of 2021! We are thrilled to start this journey in the new facility. Our Freshman Academy teachers have spent some LONG hours moving in and preparing the space, providing a rich and warm learning environment for students! CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED TOMORROW!

We are extremely proud of the new (and continuing) staff at our redesigned Virtual Academy. Big thanks to the work of Mr. Jay Rotert and team for the impressive body of work they completed this summer. The OSDE Highlight video and Fox23 News segment can be found by clicking on the links. We are so excited for the beginning of the a new journey and a new era in virtual and blended learning. As of today, we have 1,035 students enrolled in the Virtual Academy to begin this school year. GREAT JOB SSPS!

Crystal Tiger is managing Chromebook check out in the front foyer of the newly rebranded Virtual Academy at the old CNGC facility!

I ran into Ms. Michelle Spears this week at the attendance office at CPHS. I must admit I was a little stressed about the continuation of our School and Community Partnership program we started at CPHS last year. Our success SOARED with well over 50% of our seniors landing internships with local and regional businesses. TURNS OUT, people are asking for more interns and we are ALREADY PLACING STUDENTS IN WORK OPPORTUNITIES! This is yet another example of the motivation of the SANDITES to boldly face any situation and SUCCEED despite the odds! Below is one of our graduates last year, Mr. Nick Hancock, who continues to work for LDKerns in the completion of the Freshman Academy!

Nick Hancock taking care of some last minute sprucing of the grounds at CPHS. This photo was taken 8/23/2020!

Part of the fun of a new year is watching the preparation of our teachers getting ready for a brand new class of students. I was able to capture a few classrooms at Garfield with folks working like crazy getting classrooms ready! Our teachers ACROSS ALL SITES are simply THE BEST!

Launch Classroom Set Up: Garfield Style!

Below might be my favorite picture of the day! This is a bulletin board proudly displayed in one of the hallways at Garfield. What a great message as we start the new year. Attitude really does make a TREMENDOUS difference. Let's BE THE SUNSHINE!

OR, maybe NOT in silence, but either way, SUCCESS will make the NOISE! We are prepped for another GREAT year. Let's get going! #BeExcellent #WeAreSandites

Have a great start to the new year! ~Sherry