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Trouble logging in?

💡go back to settings and reset your password and we will email you to confirm its your account. Then you can log in.

I can't report an issue or give feedback why?

💡we're updating Kylie Jenner mains website a lot. If the contact botton dosnt do anything that is normal. Report a problem bottoms link to a new page is having some problems so easily by that just go in settings and fill out the contact form.

How many accounts does this website allow?

💡once we recognize ur username console more then two times we will take action for next time we see the same username again. The reason why we delete those replicas is for safety so there isn't imposters and we need to keep trac of each account running. So please keep chill with one account for now.

Some of the videos are not playing succsessfully

💡we use "youtube" as a source to watch videos on this website. You can play more then one video at a time but the other videos will Puas wile ur watching one. if a video stops and has a message please Puas and unpluas the video to return veiwing video content.

I go on This website through Instagram and some things take to much to load.

💡normally the screen is much smaller webpage accses the using normal Google screen. We suggest if things take to long to load to refresh the page or open the link in ur desktop.

How come I don't have a profile I visually see?

💡were still in the making of creating and editing ur own profile. But since there is only one person running all this it will take so,e time until you have a visual account you can edit.

Once you guys have a profile you can create,are there verifications?

💡this is sappost to be a fun Kylie Jenner website for fans to visit. We're not doing the whole verfification thing BEUCASE were not expecting any celberties to join this site any time soon.

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