13 hours: The secret soldiers of bengahzi by mitchell zuckoff

The Book was really good it created this image in your head. It gave really good details I could see them fighting against the terrorist. Although they gave good details on the members I cant imagine was there faces and what they looked like. It is a really good book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is patriotic and also who is a adrenaline junkie. Because this book will put you right there in the firing line. Once you pick it up you cant let it down.

I love the movie because it put you right there and you can see everything and everything in movie was pictured different than it was when I was reading the book. I can see the characters and hear what there voice is like. The movie put you right there like you were one of the 6 GRS members and it tells the story very well.

I for the most part the book and movie stayed the same the director did a good job of keeping the facts straight. It is like he was there and fought it. Both were very good and I highly recommend them. In the book Tonto is arguing with the base chief to go fight at the compound. In the movie Rone is arguing with the base chief to go fight. In the book Scott goes to the roof top but in the movie he doesn't

I liked the book better because in your head you create what everything looks like and you can put yourself as one of the characters. And you can imagine them different and really get caught up in it. The book goes more into detail about there lives and what they do when they are home not serving in a foreign country.

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