Not Your Everyday Fashion Cassandra (Cassie) Lord

i'm sure We have all seen the mascots of different teams and wondered what it would be like to wear a mascot suit.

Mascot (Left) VS Fursuit(Right)

Well their are actually people who wear something similar. Whether it's because they simply enjoy it or if they do it for charities and events, fursuiters are people who go through a lot of criticism to do what they love. So now your wondering "what's a fursuiter?" right? Well here's a link to a video that takes a dip into the world where fashion isn't majorly clothing and accessories.

Okay well now you know a little about them but who makes their characters come to life?

Just the same as the everyday designers we know like Calvin Klein, the furry community has their own designers. Below are three links to fursuit makers who create very different suits.

Mischief Makers are fursuit makers who create toony style suits.
Clockwork Creature are fursuit/beast suit makers who create amazingly realistic suits.
K-Line are fursuit makers who create Kemono styled suits which means they have bigger anime like eyes.

Now the reason I decided to use these three makers is because they are all very well known makers and they all create fursuits but they each specialize in a certain style.

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Cassandra Lord

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