Muhammad Ali "An professional boxer and activist"

Muhammad Ali:

Born: January 17, 1942 Death: June 3, 2016

Real Name: Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

Muhammad Ali

What was his childhood like?

Young Cassius Clay's bike got stolen and he said when he finds the person who stole his bike he was gonna whoop em'. Then, he wanted to learn how to fight.

Muhammad as an kid.

Was his family members important to his life?

Yes, he was kind of inspired by his dad when he was a kid. Also he was kind of named after his dad.

Why was Muhammad important?

This is Muhammad when he won the Olympics.

Muhammad won the olympic gold medal. He also won the world Heavyweight Championship. Won:56 times and only lost 5 times. Also he won by KO's 37 times. Also he was an activist.

What events in history affected Muhammad?

On April 28, 1967, he was mad because, people were making him join the army. Since he refused he was sent to jail.A few weeks/days later he was sent out because of his type.

Interesting accomplishments Muhammad did.

Muhammad won 6 Golden Glove Awards. He won Olympic gold medal as shown. He also won the Heavyweight Championship.

Quotes that relate to Muhammad's life.

"I hated every minute of training but i said don't quit suffer now and live."
"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."
"I float like a butterfly sting like a bee."
What was Muhammad's career path?

He was an amateur,boxer, and an professional boxer.

How has Muhammad influenced others?

He has made others inspired by his braveness and courage, for example he is Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol. He also has made people be brave to stand up for their religion.

What messages did I learn from Muhammad?

I learned that Muhammad was a brave person.Also that he got his bike stolen and that was the whole start. I mean I think it is kind of funny in a way.

Thank You, for listening and watching.

Feinstein, Stephen. Muhammad Ali. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow, 2008. Print.

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