Smallpox One of the worlds' most dreaded diseases

Up to 30% of smallpox victims die, but that's not all it has done.

Smallpox was discovered in 1122 BCE in China.
A vaccine was discovered in 1796, but it was not used consistently enough to stop the spreading.
After 7-17 days of having smallpox, flu symtoms begin to develop with a rash of raised bumps on the skin.
Smallpox is important to history because it gave Europeans an advantage and harshly impacted the Native Americans as well.
The Europeans had a power advantage because they were immune to smallpox when the Native Americans were dieing, and their population was going down, when the Europeans' population was going up.
Native Americans had no vaccines to save the victims of smallpox.
Smallpox changed history in many ways. It made the population of Native Americans go down and the European power go up.
It also changed the level of technology for vaccines. One vaccine lead to develop a new one.
The chance of getting smallpox is so little because of the consistency of vaccine, that it is no longer feared, or known as a deadly disease. In all smallpox a large affect in history.

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