The Princess Bride A classic by William Goldman

My Personal Experience

This book is a very intriguing book. I had previously watched the movie before reading the book, I had not known that there was a book until this year. The story is very easy to get into and very comedic, the characters are funny and humorous throughout the entire book. The author has done a fabulous job of getting the reader engaged once the actual story starts. (There is about 100 pages of the story and the creative process behind creating the book as well as little author's notes that he put in as well.) The story was written very well, I was able to laugh along at the character's jokes, feel triumph after their victories and feel sad at their losses.

The Characters

Buttercup- She is charming, firm in her beliefs, and stubborn. She is motivated by the love that she has for Westley, everything she had done was for him. She vowed to never love anybody except for Westley so when tragedy struck, she vowed to never love again. She never was very connected to her mother, or her father. She had a fair childhood. She never accepted the fact that she was beautiful until she became a teen.

Westley-He is clever, quick witted, and sarcastic. His motivation is to protect Buttercup, whom he loves. He travels to America to give Buttercup a great life in which she should be happy. He was the farm boy for Buttercup's family. He then fell in love with Buttercup. He is thought to be quite dim witted, but he managed to outwit a man, Fezzik, who is known to be very clever.

The Plot

The story is very engaging and fast paced. Most of the story is done in the first 200 pages! The book is very plot driven, with most of the book having loads of action and sword fights between characters. There were certain times when I was surprised at what happened in the book and there were times where the book became predictable in some ways. It is possibly because of the fact that I had previously watched the movie. But I still felt like this was my first time ever hearing the story again though.

A Profound, Yet Humorous Quote

The quote is "Life is pain Highness, anyone who says differently is selling something. This is a pretty funny quote which gives a strong characterization to Westley, who is currently disguised as Dread Pirate Roberts. (It's complicated.) The quote shows that Westley is a very down to earth character who isn't afraid to show people what life is really like. He also manages to get a rise out of Buttercup who then promptly shoves him down a hill. Westley basically likes to say stuff to annoy or irritate people.

The Ending

The ending of the book is unusually unsatisfying. The book says that everything ends happily, and then proceeds to tell a whole bunch of bad things that happen. It leaves me satisfied, but at the same time unsatisfied. There is a short story that explains about Buttercup's baby, but that is all of the ending that is elaborated.


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