Water scarcity in Egypt Student:oscar LE - teacher:mrs yeo

Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water to meet all demands.

This is how desperate the boy wants water

Economic water scarcity is caused by a lack of investment in water infrastructure.

Women and children are lying up for fresh water

The factors causing water scarcity and patterns of water availability in North Africa are a large and fast growing population, large areas with low and variable rainfall, poor water quality and lack of water infrastructure by the government.

Egypt is located in northeastern Africa

Egypt is located in northeastern Africa. The water scarcity in Egypt is cause arid climate, water pollution and massive population growth. Their current population is 94,720,354 in March 2017. The Nile river is heavily polluted by agricultural runoff, industrial effluent and municipal sewage.

Water pollution in Egypt

The environment has affected the availability of water in Egypt by an arid climate. Only 6 % of the country is arable and agricultural land, the rest of the country is desert. Little rainfall occurs in Egypt. Most rain occurs during the winter along the country 's coastal region.

Precipitation pattern in Egypt

The two graphs above indicates that Egypt receives between 20 mm and 200mm of annual average precipitation along the narrow Mediterranean coast but the average drops to 0 mm in other part of the country. Therefore the low rainfall has physical water scarcity in Egypt.

Problem water scarcity causes for people, places and environment in Egypt are people will not have clean water to drink therefore it will impact on their health. The place will be dry and people will unable to grow crops for food supply.

The main things being done to lessen the impact on water scarcity in Egypt are desalination of seawater for use a fresh water and use more efficient irrigation techniques to control water pollution such as waste water treatment plants.

Water treatment and desalination plants

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