To book, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on my website under "Prom 2020." We will take the inquiries in the order they come in giving you first come first serve. You have one day after inquiring to make the booking fee and sign the wavier. If you are under the age of 18 you will receive an additional document to have a parent or guardian sign. You'll need to bring this with you on the day of in order to ride.

Once the booking fee and agreement are squared away, and your time slot picked out, your session is exclusively yours!


Virgil I Grissom Muncipal airport, 3213 Tunnelton Rd, Bedford, IN 47421

May 2nd 2020


$150 per couple

All proceeds will be donated to the White River Humane Society.


Time slots can be chosen when you inquire. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so that we can stay on schedule. You have 24 hours from your inquiry time to pick a slot and pay your booking fee.



We highly recommend Rent The Runway. They have designer dresses to rent for $100. B.Loved in Seymour is also one of our favorite dress shops! A flowing dress will give you more movement in your images. Tight mermaid dresses will be hard to get in the plane with.


A well fitting tux can do so much for your look! Menswear house, and K&G have affordable ways to stand out! Textures are a great way of getting the best bang for your buck.We always recommend matching your date. If her dress has multiple colors, try pulling out some of those colors in your tie.


  • Can my family be present?

Yes! We ask is you keep the guests to a minimum of 3 so we don't have to big of a crowd. We want to be sure theres enough privacy for any current prom goers getting photographed.

  • What do the pictures entail?

We will have two planes. One as a background prop and one plane for the ride. You will receive 30 minutes, 15 for pictures and 15 for a plane ride over BNL high school. 30 days after prom you will receive a link in your email. It will have 10 edited photos from your experience that you can downlaod and share.

  • Can I pay the rest in cash?

Yes! The booking fee will be made online through Honeybook. Your remaining balance can be made at the time of your session. You can pay anytime before then using Honeybook if you wish to get it out of the way! Which may be easier for you, there will be a lot going on for you prom goers that day!

  • Does the price include my date?

Yes! The price includes you and your date both. (two people) It is just the price per session/plane ride. So if you are a party of one, it will still be the same.

  • We have a prom group, how does that work?

Each time slot is created for up to two people at a time. That is what we can fit on the plane including the pilot. If you have a group you will need to each book a time slot separately. However we will only be taking up to 15 couples, so you would need to book and pick your times ASAP.


IF it happens to rain or we have bad weather the day of prom, it may be to dangerous to fly. The plane is a detail of your session but is not a guarantee for this reason. I will be checking the weather throughly and giving updates to you all. IF it rains you WILL be still guaranteed photographs with the plane set up. We will just take them inside a hanger instead of outside or use umbrellas.

We believe that it still will be worth your time and effort even if the ride gets canceled due to weather. All proceeds will be going to the local humane society, so your time and money will be spent on a good cause.


We have a private group on facebook for you to tune in on the progress for the day. I will post weather updates and any extra details we might add along the way. We are open to idea's as well! We hope to have music and a hang out/snack area for your guests and yourselves to hang out between sessions.