Chromosomal Abnormalities Brooklyn Beam

Down Syndrome

What is down syndrome? Down Syndrome is a genetic chromosome disorder causing disabilities.

What is the cause of Down Syndrome? When there is a error in the cell division which results into a extra 21st chromosome.


What is Klinefelter? Klinefelter is a condition in the chromosomes that affects males physical and cognitive development.

What is the cause of Klinefelter? The cause of Klinefelter is when a male has a extra X chromosome.

Who does Klinefelter occur to? Only males

Turner Syndrome

What is Turner Syndrome? Turner Syndrome is a chromosome disorder which females on have X chromosomes.

What does Turner syndrome do? It alters with the development in females like being unable to conceive a child because of absence of ovarian function. Also other features include webbed neck, puffiness and swelling of the hands and feet, skeletal abnormalities, also heat and kidney problems.

Color blindness

What is Color Blindness? Color Blindness is not being able to see the difference certain colors.

What causes Color Blindness? People mainly get Color Blindness at birth but it can also happen from shaken baby syndrome, Trauma, and UV damage.

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